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STarboard Foil X en 125 y 145, modelo Starlite


We developed the Starlite Carbon Construction to answer our quest for a construction that would combine four crucial factors: Performance, Durability, Value and Low Environmental Impact. The result is a great combination, delivering strongly on all four criteria with direct, responsive onwater feel and no compromise on your riding comfort.


FOIL X 125

125 // Length: 190 // Width: 67cm // Foil Box

The 125 hits the sweet spot in the middle of our range. Whether it’s your first day on the foil or you want to improve advanced foiling skills, the 125 is the perfect match, combining an easy ride with more technical possibilities. With 67cm in width, you will appreciate a stable ride before taking off. Thanks to the long flat bottom, the deep rail cutaways and an ultra compact outline, you can then effortlessly get the board to lift above the surface while maintaining your balance. Once in the air, the thin profile ensures you fully enjoy a controlled flight. The true freedom of foiling.

FOIL X 145

145 // Length: 193 // Width: 71cm // Foil Box

Hydrofoiling has never been more accessible: Even if you just stepped off a GO board you might be ready for your first flight above the water. With 145 litres of volume and a foil underneath, you will have plenty of stabilty before take off. Once in the air you can maneuver and react in an instant, thanks to the compact outline. You can use this board with a huge range of sails. We recommend anything from 3.7m2 all the way up to 8.0m2. If you’re just starting to foil or want to take it easy, pair it with the SuperCruiser Foil. Want a more thrilling ride with more G forces or unlock your full speed potential? The GTR Plus foil will be your choice.

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